Commercial Pest Control Services in Gloucestershire

Restaurants, Takeaways, Catering Outlets, Industrial Units, Offices, Pubs, Clubs etc

Commercial Contract Types

  • Quarterly Contracts

  • Monthly Contracts

  • Bi-monthly Contracts

  • Six Weekly Contracts​

As outlined in Health & the Law, both FOOD and NON FOOD businesses are required by law to remain pest free and we tailor the needs of a wide variety of clients within the structure of three standards of annual contracts as follows:

One visit for survey/treatment per quarter with fixed extra charges for additional services on demand within 24 working hours. Pest Control Service Report Book held by client and completed every survey/treatment.

Eight visits per year (every six weeks) with all additional call outs free on demand within 24 working hours. Pest Control Service Report Book as above.

As above but with the following additional free services. Treatment on alternate working days for all infestations until eradicated. Schedule of bait points/working practices throughout premises. Check list to record each and every Inspection/Treatment to each location throughout the premises. Six monthly written reports by Management Staff.

If you’d like to set up an annual contract for your company, please give us a call, for free, to discuss your requirements.



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