A to Z of Pests

The control of pests is an important part of creating a healthier place to live and work. Pests are insects and rodents that invade our homes and can pose a risk to health. Pest Control advice is free.

If you are living in rented accommodation and believe the issue of pests should be dealt with by your landlord, please contact them before arranging a treatment.

Pest Control

  • What do we do
  • Pest Control treatments
  • Dealing With Foxes
  • Dealing with Pigeons
  • Dealing with Seagulls
  • False Widow Spiders


You can seek advice about common household pests via our link to online Pest Control Form. (customer is supplying) Please provide a contact telephone number when using this form online as we are unable to deal with your request without one.
If your request is urgent and you require a visit, then you are advised to call our office so that a visit can be arranged whilst you are on the line.



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