Wasp Nest Removal

We at Forest of Dean Pest Control specialise in Wasp nest removal and Hornet nest removal. We have top of the range equipment that allows us to safely and humanely treat wasp nests wherever they may be on your home and property. We offer a 100% guarantee on all our work. We have all the correct PPE to do this job in a safe manner and pride ourselves in our safety track record. 


With thousands of nest treated and 100% success you can trust us to get the job done right first time. Check out some of our reviews on our wasp control services. Wasps will nest anywhere they will feel safe so can literally be anywhere. Not always where you would expect them.


Some FAQ'S around wasp nests.


How much does it cost to remove a wasp nest?


The price depends on where they are and how big the nest is, we do however provide a free site survey to quote you on the removal  of the nest. Wasp nest can be removed if they are visible and in a safe location we will remove the nest once it is dead and take away from your property


What do wasp nests look like?

Wasp nests are made from chewed up paper and start life the size off a golf ball housing a single wasp the QUEEN. These nests can grow very quickly to the size of a football and it's not unknown for them to be the size off a full black bin bag. These can house thousands of wasps.


How do you get remove the wasp nests?

We use one of three things to treat a wasp nest
1)Dust insecticide
2)Liquid insecticide

3) Aerosol 


The choice is down to where the nest is located and what is best for the job in hand



For Free Advice or to Resolve a wasp nest problem you have,
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Great Job

Great job removing a wasp nest for me

Ashley Sandford - 28/04/2021

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Matt is brilliant!

Matt is brilliant, the wasp nest needed destroying and it was sorted quickly.

David Legge - 14/07/2021

If you have a pest problem, this is the company to use.

Just had wasp nest dealt with. Only called yesterday afternoon. Excellent service and a very nice, friendly man that answered all my questions. If you have a pest problem, this is the company to use.

Margaret Ramli - 06/10/2020

Matt was absolutely fantastic!

Matt was absolutely fantastic! I popped him a message and he responded within five minutes! we have a hole in our ceiling upstairs where wasps basically eating their way through our plasterboard! He arranged to come out on a Saturday evening (2 hours following the message) and treated the wasp's nest quickly and easily. Highly recommend Matt, also an absolutely lovely guy

Kate Adams - 24/07/2020



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